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About Magicare

we thank you for visiting our website and have a fantastic time here!

  • Customer’s satisfaction
    In Any Case!

    Our business philosophy is..
    Daeil Corporation was established by Kevin Kim in 1994 and has been
    manufacturing various ranges of products relative to the Nail & Foot care instruments.

    We started to export our products to U.S.A at the same time when Daeil Corp.
    was set up in 1994.
    Since then, we continued to improve our product quality, design, manufacturing
    technology for the customer’s satisfaction in the overseas markets.
    As the result, we were getting so good reputation in the quality & design from the
    customers such as U.S.A, Japan, Europe, Middle East & etc and it forced us to build
    our own vast factory newly for the mass production system. It made us possible to
    supply the customers for their various orders just in time.

  • To support the customers’ strong and vivid marketing activity with the
    various product range in the field, we have been connected with many
    small & medium sized manufacturers who have been producing the different items
    from ours and it makes us possible to fulfill our customers request and
    possible to supply any kinds of products to the customers.

    As one of the leading manufacturers for the Nail & Foot care products with the
    long history company in Korea, we concentrate on developing new items
    continually with our accumulated technology to support our customers and always
    believe that the customers’ satisfaction is the goal of our business philosophy.

Needless to say, we make sure that our customers with successful business is
our success and will support our best for our customers’ success.

In closing, we thank you for visiting our website and have a fantastic time here!

By Kevin Kim

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TEL. 032-577-1711~2   /   FAX. 032-577-1713   /   E-MAIL.